Pilates Classes

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Our classes are small & personalised with careful attention to technique. We offer a range of class types depending on the clients needs. These include Springboard Pilates (new to Canberra), Mat, Reformer, Semi's, Duo's, Privates, Men’s, & Circuit classes

Springboard is mat work with the option of using springs. This can make the exercises easier or challenging, depending on how the springs are used.

Mat work uses your own body as resistance

Reformer classes have maximum of 3 clients per session. All participants perform the same exercises at the same time

Semi sessions are equipment based with a maximum of 4 clients per session. This provides individual attention to help you work on your goals.

Duo are 2 clients for an hour, allowing privacy and special attention.

Privates are 1 client for an hour, allowing privacy and dedicated attention.

Men’s classes designed just for guys!

Circuit classes move you from one piece of equipment to another over a circuit

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