Core Essentials Pilates Timetable

Core Essentials Pilates Griffith
If you would like a Duo (2:1) or Private appointment (1:1), or if times below do not suit you, please contact the studio (email) to arrange a convenient session.


MondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFriday Saturday Sunday
6.00 amReformerReformerReformer Reformer  
7.00 amSemiReformerSemiReformer Gym & Tonic 
8.00 amSemi SemiSemiSemi Springboard Mat  
9.00 am Semi SemiSemiChallenge Springboard Mat 
10.00 amSemiSemi SemiSemi  
10.15 am     Semi 
11.00 am   Semi   
12.00 pm Mature Springboard Mat     
1.00 pm       
2.00 pm  SemiSemi   
3.00 pm   Mature Springboard Mat   
4.00 pm       
5.00 pmSemiMat  Semi    
6.00 pmMature Springboard Mat Semi & Advanced Mat Semi & Mat Semi   
7.00 pmSemiReformerSemi     
Pilates reformer